Who Is Man? A dissertation poem by Steve Kern

The following is a dissertation poem I wrote as a conclusion to a message I preached  6/3/12, “Man.” It is based on Psalm 8:5, “Yet Thou hast made him a little lower than God, and dost crown him with glory and majesty.” NASB

                       Who Is Man?

When I consider all of God’s wonders

Whether in the universe of a trillion stars

Or in my body of a trillion cells

Who am I that He considers me

Amongst the billions come and gone

And yet with many more to come?

Is that not the greatest wonder of them all;

That the infinite God of wonders considers me?

What is it about me that draws Him to my side?

What is it about Him that woos Him to my plight?

Could it be that man is His greatest wonder of them all?

The one great extension of Himself,

Yet the imperfection of His image,

Who is so desired to be restored.

For He has chosen to make it happen,

But only for those who choose the same.

So, who is man?

He is the wonder of the universe,

Though in His present image fallen,

Will in eternity state

The wonders of God’s grace and mercy,

Borne in Love

Declared through every reclaimed soul,

Perfected in His image once again.

Who is man?

One created a little lower than God,

A wonder to us all.




The Seeker by Steve Kern

I wrote the following for my message I preached 6/10/2012 The message title was Seeking God

                       The Seeker

I sought for fame and all i found was me

It was not enough.

I sought for wealth and all i found was me.

It was not enough.

I sought for pleasure and all i found was me.

It was not enough.

I sought for God and what i found was:

True fame is to be known by Him.

True wealth is to be owned by Him.

True pleasure is to be alone with Him.

It is enough.

In all my seeking this is what I found.

Life is not about me; it is about Him.

When I have Him; I can truly be me.

Made in the image of Him.