My Eden’s trilogy available on Amazon Kindle

Thanks to my son, Nathan, I now have my pre-flood adventure trilogy available on Amazon Kindle. The 3 books are titled Eden’s Veil, Eden’s Son, and Eden’s Tears. The stories revolve around the life of a man who seeks the truth before the flood. The stories are based on the pre-flood environment suggested by the biblical record understood from a young earth interpretation. They contain adventure, intrigue, romance, emotional ties, biblical truths, and parallelism to what we Christians are facing in today’s world. I hope you will download each book and read them. They are written for High school and above. Young people will find these books to be a biblical answer to such books as the Hunger Games types of books. Dr. Steve Kern 


Who Is Man? A dissertation poem by Steve Kern

The following is a dissertation poem I wrote as a conclusion to a message I preached  6/3/12, “Man.” It is based on Psalm 8:5, “Yet Thou hast made him a little lower than God, and dost crown him with glory and majesty.” NASB

                       Who Is Man?

When I consider all of God’s wonders

Whether in the universe of a trillion stars

Or in my body of a trillion cells

Who am I that He considers me

Amongst the billions come and gone

And yet with many more to come?

Is that not the greatest wonder of them all;

That the infinite God of wonders considers me?

What is it about me that draws Him to my side?

What is it about Him that woos Him to my plight?

Could it be that man is His greatest wonder of them all?

The one great extension of Himself,

Yet the imperfection of His image,

Who is so desired to be restored.

For He has chosen to make it happen,

But only for those who choose the same.

So, who is man?

He is the wonder of the universe,

Though in His present image fallen,

Will in eternity state

The wonders of God’s grace and mercy,

Borne in Love

Declared through every reclaimed soul,

Perfected in His image once again.

Who is man?

One created a little lower than God,

A wonder to us all.



The Seeker by Steve Kern

I wrote the following for my message I preached 6/10/2012 The message title was Seeking God

                       The Seeker

I sought for fame and all i found was me

It was not enough.

I sought for wealth and all i found was me.

It was not enough.

I sought for pleasure and all i found was me.

It was not enough.

I sought for God and what i found was:

True fame is to be known by Him.

True wealth is to be owned by Him.

True pleasure is to be alone with Him.

It is enough.

In all my seeking this is what I found.

Life is not about me; it is about Him.

When I have Him; I can truly be me.

Made in the image of Him.

My 5 Books Described

I have written 5 books. I want to give you a brief overview of each.

No Other God’s: This book is a culmination of teaching scientific creationism for twenty years in class rooms, seminars, conferences, and sermon series’. It is a verse by verse apologetic of Genesis 1-11. It is based on the literal historical interpretation which includes theology, science, archeology, and devotional insights. The basic premise is that the Bible is its own worldview and consistent with its self as a progressive revelation of God’s redemptive plan being revealed in historical terms.

Eden’s Veil: This book is the first of a 3 part adventure novel series. It tells the story of a pre-flood descendent of Cain who is seeking the truth about his existence during the time of Methuselah and Lamech before the birth of Noah. The story is told in the context of a creationist understanding of the pre-flood world. there are dinosaurs and all other kinds of animals as well as year round growing seasons and violence caused by man’s rejection of the true Creator in favor of Lucifer the serpent god. There large cities, major highways, and giants living amongst the human race. The heroe Baqash is a seeker of truth much like many seek the truth in these later years. He learns of a garden where he can find the one true God. He goes on a quest to find that garden.

Eden’s Son: The story of Baqash continues in this second book as he feels compelled to leave the garden and return to his family to tell them the truth. he faces many hardships and some rejection as he takes his stand for the truth. There is a lot of adventure that keeps the pages turning.

Eden’s Tears: This is the third and final book that jumps several years ahead to the time when Baqash and Lamech are older and Lamech’s son, Noah, becomes the focus of the story. The book leads the reader through the process Noah and his family may have endured as they built the ark in preparation for the flood. It also gives a possible explanation of why only 8 people were all that were willing to board the ark before the flood. The story then takes the reader through the year spent on the ark and ends with the departure of those on the ark who must face a new world of challenges.

Judgment’s Greatest Question: This book tells my story in the first chapter and then follows Isaiah 58 as the foundational passage that gave inspiration to our philosophy of ministry at Olivet Baptist Church as an inner city church. The theme is why it is important as followers of Christ to be actively involved in meeting practicle needs as we work to win people to Christ.

My books are available under Steve Kern on

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern is my Wife

Having the last name, Kern, and being a pastor, some of you may be wondering if the controversial Rep. Sally Kern is my wife. The answer is yes most assuredly. Next January we will have been married 42 years.  We were married on January 23, 1970 at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas at the original location on Beckley. Since then it has been an exciting adventure following the Lord’s direction.

We first attended McArthur Blvd. Baptist Church for 3 years while I attended school, worked as a wall paper hanger, and Sally was a receptionist for C. Wade Freeman who headed up the Evangelism Division of the S.B.C. of Texas. Our pastor at that time was Ron Dunn who later became a well-known conference speaker in the S.B.C. While at McArthur we were called to join The True Vine Ministry in Grand Prairie, Texas where we ministered on the weekends to street kids during the Jesus Movement.That was in 1973. This move was a real test of faith because we were required to sell all that we had, give up our jobs, drop our education plans, and trust God for our every need. We did that and God blessed us with a real growing experience in faith that has impacted us for the rest of our lives. During this time the ministry moved us to Palm Beach, Florida where we worked with Haverhill Baptist Church until the Lord called me to preach. At that time we resigned from The True Vine and I went back to school. I finished college at Palm Beach Atlantic and then moved to Fort Worth, Texas to work on my Master of Divinity Degree. It was during this time our two sons were born. After seminary, I pastored in Lone Star, Texas and Boise, Idaho before moving to Oklahoma City where we have been for 15 years.

Sally ran for State Representative in 2004 as a “decidedly Christian candidate who believed we are in a cultural war for the very existence of our Judeo Christian values.” She won by 68% of the vote. Her first session in office presented her with the challenge to remove homosexual themed books out of the children’s section of the county libraries. It took 3 years but she won that battle at the cost of alienating the homosexual political activists in Oklahoma. She has been targeted ever since she took that stand. She later gave a speech exposing a group of pro-homosexual millionaires who were actively working to remove conservatives from office in local government with the goal of replacing them with pro-homosexual candidates. In 2006 they targeted 70 campaigns and won 50 across the nation. They came after Sally with a vengeance but she never backed down. You can read her story in her new book, The Stoning of Sally Kern. You can find it in book stores and on-line at Amazon. It is a wake-up call to all conservative Christians to get involved politically before we lose our freedoms.

More Greetings

Hi, I want to give you a little more information about myself. I am 69 years old. I have been married 46 years to the same lady. I have been a pastor since 1980. I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic College in 1976 with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. I graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1980 with a Master of Divinity Degree. I also received a Doctor of Ministry from the same seminary.  I was in the Marine Corps from 1965 to 1969 and spent 18 months in Vietnam. I began writing songs in High School and learned to play the guitar while in the military. Most of my music is country / gospel with a hint of  folk. I also do comedy routines with humorous songs I have written usually performed by my alter ego, Frog Legs from Looneyville U.S.A. His signature theme is, “Everybody lives in Looneyville ever once in a while.”

I have a great interest in Creationism and have written four books with that theme.

I am also interested in politics. As a matter of  fact, my wife is Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern who has a book available in book stores and on-line titled, “The Stoning of Sally Kern.” Her website is

As time goes on, I will be sharing my sermons, music, and comments on the religious, social, and political issues of the day.

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog where I aim to post information related to my ministry, books, music and cultural apologetics. Feel free to join me on Facebook at and watch for upcoming videos featuring my music on youtube at

God bless,

Steve Kern